Centre for Bioengineering and Biomedical Science

Wong Sek Man Principal Investigator

Yan Jie Senior Investigator


Centre for Functional Materials

Ang Wee Han Investigator

Chen Jingsheng Senior Investigator..

Chen Wei Senior Investigator

Chin Wee Shong Senior Investigator

Ding Jun Principal Investigator

Lee Jim Yang Principal Investigator

Liu Xiao Gang Principal Investigator

LU YIXIN  Principal Investigator

Sow Chorng Har Senior Investigator

Xu Guo Qin Principal Investigator

Xu Qing Hua Senior Investigator

Zeng Hua Chun Principal Investigator

Zhang Chun Investigator


Centre of Advanced Microeletronic Devices(CAMD)

Guo Yongxin Investigator

KAM Pooi-Yuen Principal Investigator

Lian Yong Principal Investigator

Ren Hongliang Investigator
Yu Changyuan Investigator

Yu Haoyong Senior Investigator

Yung C. Liang  Senior Investigator


Advanced Food Research Laboratory
Huang Dejian Senior Investigator
Liu Shaoquan Senior Investigator
Yang Hongshun Investigator
YUK Hyun-Gyun Investigator
Zhou Weibiao Principal Investigator

Laboratory of Advanced 3D Bioprinting

Fuh, Ying Hsi Jerry Principal Investigator

Sun Jie Senior Investigator


NUS-SJTU Joint Research Centre on Environment and Water

Dai Yanjun  Principal Investigator

Geng Yong  Principal Investigator

He Yiliang  Principal Investigator

Kua Harn Wei  Senior Investigator

Karina Gin  Senior Investigator

Ong Choon Nam  Principal Investigator

Shao Jiahui  Principal Investigator

Tong Yen Wah  Senior Investigator

Xie Jian Ping  Investigator

Zhang Bo  Senior Investigator


Research Centre of Interactive Media

Cheong Loong-Fah Senior Investigator

Jiang Zhenhui Senior Investigator

Roger Zimmermann Senior Investigator

Tan Ping Investigator

Zhou Zhiying Senior Investigator

Risk Management & Quantitative Finance Centre

Dai Min Principal Investigator

Qin Cong Research Fellow

Steven Kou Principal Investigator

 Laboratory of Energy & Environment Interface Engineering
Chen Wei Investigator
Chin Wee Shong Senior Investigator
Lee Heow Pueh Senior Investigator

Lin Man-Hua Adjunct Principal Investigator

Qiu Cheng Wei Investigator

Xie Xianning Senior Investigator

Xu Guo Qin Principal Investigator

Xu Qinghua Senior Investigator

Zeng Huachun Principal Investigator


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