Centre of Advanced Microelectronic Devices(CAMD)


Centre of Advanced Microelectronic Devices(CAMD)

1456300747583224.jpgThis comprehensive research area encompasses photonic integrated circuits and high-power semiconductor devices. A range of optical transmitters are to be developed and utilized in passive optical network and other systems. The research would find applications in optical communications, microwave and millimeter-wave technology, and high-speed tractions and automobiles.



Investigators (in alphabetical order)


Guo Yongxin
Senior Investigator


KAM Pooi-Yuen

Principal Investigator



Lian Yong
Principal Investigator




Ren Hongliang





Yu Changyuan



Yu Haoyong
Senior Investigator





Yung C. Liang

Senior Investigator





Research Interests

(1) Power Semiconductor Devices and ICs for Green Energy
–  Power MOSFET, IGBT and SJ Devices

–  Power Electronic circuits and Systems


(2) RF & Microwave Integrated Circuits

–  Digitally Assisted RFIC/MMIC Design and Fabrication

–  Modeling and Design of RF/Microwave Integrated Circuits  & Systems


(3) Micro/Nano-ElectroMechanical Systems

–  Sensors & Actuators Micro/Nano- Fabrication


(4) Optoelectronic Components & Laser Industrial Applications

–  Photonic Integrated Circuit (PIC) Design and Test

–  Laser precision engineering


(1) Wireless Power and Data Telemetry for Biomedical Applications

(2) Cross-layer optical performance monitoring based on radio frequency spectrum analysis and two-dimension phase portrait recognition as well as control plane coordination

(3) Novel modeling of GaN based microwave and Microwave devices

(4) Study of High-Efficiency RF Wireless Energy Harvesting

(5) Neural Network and Table based Modeling of Microwave and Millimeter-Wave Power Devices

(6) Study of wireless energy harvesting for internet of things

(7) Development of normally-off GaN power HEMT devices


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