Centre of Advanced Microelectronic Devices(CAMD)


Center of Advanced Microelectronic Devices(CAMD)

1456300747583224.jpgThis comprehensive research area encompasses photonic integrated circuits and high-power semiconductor devices. A range of optical transmitters are to be developed and utilized in passive optical network and other systems. The research would find applications in optical communications, microwave and millimeter-wave technology, and high-speed tractions and automobiles.

Investigators (in alphabetical order)


Guo Yongxin
Senior Investigator


KAM Pooi-Yuen

Principal Investigator



Lian Yong
Principal Investigator




Yu Changyuan




Yu Haoyong
Senior Investigator




Yung C. Liang

Senior Investigator


Research Interests

(1) Power Semiconductor Devices and ICs for Green Energy
–  Power MOSFET, IGBT and SJ Devices

–  Power Electronic circuits and Systems

(2) RF & Microwave Integrated Circuits

–  Digitally Assisted RFIC/MMIC Design and Fabrication

–  Modeling and Design of RF/Microwave Integrated Circuits  & Systems

(3) Micro/Nano-ElectroMechanical Systems

–  Sensors & Actuators Micro/Nano- Fabrication

(4) Optoelectronic Components & Laser Industrial Applications

–  Photonic Integrated Circuit (PIC) Design and Test

–  Laser precision engineering


(1) Wireless Power and Data Telemetry for Biomedical Applications

(2) Cross-layer optical performance monitoring based on radio frequency spectrum analysis and two-dimension phase portrait recognition as well as control plane coordination

(3) Novel modeling of GaN based microwave and Microwave devices

(4) Study of High-Efficiency RF Wireless Energy Harvesting

(5) Neural Network and Table based Modeling of Microwave and Millimeter-Wave Power Devices

(6) Study of wireless energy harvesting for internet of things

(7) Development of normally-off GaN power HEMT devices

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