Research Centre of Interactive Media

Research Centre of Interactive Media

The research encompasses advanced technologies such as mixed reality, 3-dimensional communication tools and online-social media. The research outcomes will have direct applications in games and networked virtual environments, online commerce, and unified communication.

Investigators (in alphabetical order)


Cheong Loong-Fah

Senior Investigator


Jiang Zhenhui
Senior Investigator


Roger Zimmermann

Senior Investigator


Tan Ping


Zhou Zhiying

Senior Investigator

Research Interests

(1) Industry Development
– Advanced Multimedia Technology

– Electronic Commerce

– Social Media

(2) Technical Breakthrough

– Detection Technical of Computer Vision

– Web Publishing Technical for 3D Content

– Advanced Real-time Rendering Technology

– Highly Extensible Web Platform

– Peer-to-Peer Immersive Media Streaming

(3) Public Service

– Software Development Kit

– 3D Real-time Interactive Platform


(1) A Study on the Application of Volunteered Geo-Crowdsourcing Videos in Smart Utban Management

(2) Block-Sparse RPCA for Foreground Detection in Video Surveillance

(3) Development of Mixed Reality

(4) GameTalk: Voice Communication for Games, Networked Virtual Environmentsand Social Networking Sites

(5) The Study of Video Co-Segmentation

(6) Transforming Online Commercethrough Social Media

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