NUSRI secures eight national grants

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The review results on applications for National Research Programmes have been announced recently. NUSRI was successful in securing eight national grants, among which, seven are from the National Natural Science Foundation and one from the Ministry of Science and Technology. 

The eight grants cover research areas such as Energy, Advanced 2D-materials, Electronic and Information Engineering, Biomedical Science and Engineering, Financial Mathematics, Cloud Computing and Big Data, and Mechanical Engineering. With outstanding academic background, principal investigators of these projects have extensive experience in doing research work in renowned universities such as Massachusetts Institute of Technology, National University of Singapore, University of California Los Angeles, and École Polytechnique, etc.

The research area of NUSRI is multidisciplinary, and is composed of Biomedical Science and Engineering, Nanomaterials and Applications, Energy and Environment Technology, Advanced Electronic Devices, Artificial Intelligence, Agricultural and Food Science and Technology, Interactive Multimedia and Software Development, Financial Mathematics and so on. To date, NUSRI has filed more than 70 patent applications, and published 487 scientific papers in peer-reviewed journals, including the top journal NATURE.

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