The Inaugural China Immersion Programme met with great success

The inaugural China Immersion Program, run by NUS (Suzhou) Research Institute (NUSRI) and BLOCK71 Suzhou, has officially ended on 31 May 2019.

This three-day programme not only includes in-depth theory lessons about the Chinese economy and business culture, but also provides participants with an opportunity to immerse themselves in China’s business environments through on-site visits to general manufacturing companies and solar companies, such as Sinnotech, Canadian Solar, GCL and J-Dragon. After these visits and various sessions with business veterans and mentors, Ms. Surbhi Krishna Singh, CEO and founder of FireVisor Systems gained a clearer picture on how to invest and enter the China market.

Integrating participant-centered principles, new teaching and learning models into the China Immersion Programme, it is a customized programme focused on experiential learning to enable participants to develop market understanding, navigate through complex business environment and cultivate important relationships and business networks. Through three-day learning in Suzhou, Ms. Surbhi had dialogue sessions with directors of each companies and visited their manufacturing plants. She has learned entrepreneurial experience from Singapore entrepreneurs in China, established working relationships with business leaders and will find potential partnership with local companies.

To enable Singapore companies to help participants to think more holistically about their China strategy, NUSRI and BLOCK71 Suzhou developed this programme. At day one, NUSRI mentor Dr. Laurence LAU working closely with Ms. Surbhi, designed a general business canvas map for Firevisor based on a full understanding of the company business. After one and half day on-site learning, Ms. Surbhi tested out FireVisor’s business models under the guidance of experienced in-market mentors, Dr. Laurence LAU and Mr. Hui Kwok Leong.

Through the 3-day program, Ms. Surbhi had established important network connections, and vital business opportunities for their venture into China.

Ms. Surbhi Krishna Singh, CEO and founder of FireVisor Systems commended, 

“Definitely, the programme is well organized and everything is super efficient. China Immersion Programme gave me the inspiration and confidence to do business in China. More importantly, I got a deeper insights into Chinese market and polished my business plan into China. It is worthwhile investment of your dollar!”

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